Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Master Slides in Google Slides

I really like a lot of the features in Google Slides (formerly called Google Presentations).  The ability to create a presentation collaboratively allows users to work together in a way that was not possible before.  Crowdsourcing presentations is a great way to gather information.  Pulaski Community Schools' K-5 Assessment Committee created a presentation on formative assessment to be used at each school.  Committee members were each assigned certain topics and created their slides when they had time.  The presentation was used and shared with all K-5 staff at each school's building inservice.  As teachers shared additional formative assessment ideas, they were added to the presentation.  We now have a great resource for our teachers when they are looking for formative assessment ideas!  I even found it on someone's blog!  That was encouraging to know that what we created was found valuable outside our organization as well.

A new feature that Google just added to Slides it the ability to create a Master slide.  We all have to admit that the themes in Google Slides is a bit limiting.  That is the one thing I miss from PowerPoint.  Well, now it will be really easy to create Master slides for each slide type. This allows you to have the same background and header or footer on each slide.  Previously, you had to go to each slide and recreate this.  Even with the "Duplicate Slide" option, you often had to recreate text boxes and bulleted lists in order to get the slide to do what you want.  It is really easy to do as well!  Check out this two minute video for instructions. (Note: The video title at publishing was Master Slides in Google Sheets...this was a typo on their part.)