Monday, May 2, 2016

Thinglink in Context

We have been training teachers in our district on various iPad apps that they can use for teaching and learning. One of these apps is Thinglink, which is a very versatile app. I started saving YouTube videos about how to use this great app within context in the educational environment.  One specific way to use Thinglink is for vocabulary development.  I also found videos that show you how to us this app for professional development, differentiation and much more.  Check out my YouTube playlist for more ideas.  I will continue to add to this playlist as I find more videos.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Showing YouTube Videos Safely

Teachers, especially those of younger students, are often concerned about all the other "content" that shows when you use a You Tube video.  This would include the "suggested videos" as well as the comments and ads.  Let's admit it; those are not always appropriate for students to view.  This video, created be Eric Curts, gives several different options for getting YouTube video content to students without the questionable content.  I would also suggest checking out the free tool, EdPuzzle, as you can also add audio notes and questions to the videos.