Over the past few years, I had the opportunity to teach in several different districts.  Below are the titles and descriptions of some of the workshops I have taught.  I am also able to teach online, hybrid and face-to-face graduate courses.  I am currently an adjunct instructor for University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and previously taught for Viterbo University.  If you would like me to teach one of these topics in your area, please contact me at

Currently Teaching:

Google Tools 3-2-1: Communicating and Collaborating with Google Tools - University of Wisconsin-Green Bay - This is a face-to-face one- credit, 2-credit and 3-credit course currently running each summer.  For the past couple of years, I have taught this course in Pulaski as well as Sturgeon Bay.  There is also a one-credit only version that is taught during the school year and in the summer upon request.  Participants learn how to use several Google Tools for collaboration and sharing.  These tools include Google Docs-word processing, spreadsheet and presentation, Google Forms, Google Sites, and others of interest to the participants.

Introduction to Problem Based Learning - University of Wisconsin-Green Bay - This course has run in the past as a face-to-face course as well as a hybrid course with 3 evening sessions face-to-face and two sessions online. Participants learn what problem based learning is, what it looks like in a classroom, how to recognize and create quality PBL tasks, and how to assess students within this model.

Google Tools: Moving Your Skills to the Next Level - This is a one credit face-to-face course which helps those who have taken Google Tools 3-2-1 course, or have experience using the Google tools, to learn some of the more advanced features of these tools.  This course is being offered as a one-credit this fall at Lannoye Elementary School in the Pulaski Community School District.  Check out UWGB's registration page for this course for more information.

Creating Digital Tools - This is a new course which we offered this past summer in Pulaski.  The participant feedback was excellent.  This course focuses on several different types of digital tools that you can create for your classroom.  It helps the participant if they already know the basics of Google tools so that we can focus on other tools which are not Google-based.

Previous Trainings and Workshops:

Web 2.0 for the Classroom - What are some of the best web 2.0 tools to use in the classroom?  This workshop will get you started with blogs, wikis, and content creation tools.  By the end of this workshop, you will leave with several tools ready to go for your classroom.

Google Tools for Educators - Do you Google?  There is so much more to Google than just a search engine.  This workshop helps educators, both classroom and administrators, to use Google tools to enhance their job.  Many of these tools can also be used with students.  Learn how to bring the information to you and collaborate with others using Google Tools.

Technology to Support Literacy - Learn about many different technology tools, almost all of which are free, that will enhance reading and writing.

Technology to Support Math - Learn about many different technology tools, almost all of which are free, that will enhance math instruction K-16.

Problem Based Learning - Learn how this instructional model weaves content area curriculum and 21st century skills into an engaging, student centered learning system.

Creating Digital Tools for the Classroom - See examples of several different digital tools for your classroom. Select the ones that match the needs for your specific classroom and have assistance creating them in the workshop so they are ready to go.  The focus of this workshop is an awareness of the tools that are out there and how to select the right tool for the purpose.

Technology to Support Formative Assessment - There are many tech tools out there that can assist teachers in efficiently and effectively gathering and analyzing formative assessment data to impact instruction.  In this workshop, we focus on learning about these various tools, selecting the ones that match your needs and technology available, and creating them so they are ready to go.

iPads in the Elementary Classroom - Find out various ways to use iPads in your classroom so that they impact student learning.  We will focus on more of the general purpose apps that can be used universally as well as how to manage the iPads in the classroom.

iPads in the Secondary Classroom - This workshop is similar to the elementary workshop but focuses on the secondary classroom.