Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Embed Videos in Google Forms

I LOVE Google's newer feature!  Google now added the ability to embed a YouTube video or another video that is posted on the web into a Google Form.  This makes it possible to post a video and then have students answer questions about what they learned. This is great for formative assessment especially in a flipped classroom setting.  If you are familiar with embedding an image, this will be super easy!  

When you have your Google Form created, you click on the "Add item" button and then click on "Video".  If you want to insert a You Tube video, put in the name of the video and click the search button.  Select the video you want from the list of search results and then click "Select" at the bottom of the window.  You then get back to the Form where you can add a title and a caption for the video.  You can select to have the video aligned to the right, center or left.  Then click "Done".  Your video is now on your form.

Below the video, you can add questions about the video just like you normally add questions to a Form. This allows you to actually build a quiz or formative assessment related to the video.  Students don't have to go to another website to find the video...the video is embedded into the Form!

If you want to have a self-scoring quiz, check out Flubaroo.  It is a free script that you can use with Google Forms to auto-score the quiz.  It is super simple and saves you a ton of time!

I plan on using this feature as I build modules for my upcoming grad class on Google Tools.  I am building modules that participants will work through.  This will allow me to get some formative feedback as they work through the training videos.  How do you think this feature can enhance teaching and learning?