Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Symbaloo is a quick, easy way to organize your weblinks.  It is free and you can share your Symbaloo mixes with others.  Basically, Symbaloo is a grid where you place your "buttons" for your web resources.  They have a grid that you can get started with.  You can delete buttons, add buttons, and edit how the buttons look.

For elementary students, I really like how you can add an image to a button so it is easier for them to find it.  Here is the start of mine.

Once I make it publicly available, I can post the link on our class website.  I can easily share it through Facebook and Twitter.  I can also add it as an app on our Joli Cloud for the netbooks in the room.  I still have to find out if this would also work on an iOS or Droid-based tablet.  You can also add it as an app in Google Chrome.  If you can use it in so many ways, this may be a great way to get links out in a BYOD classroom.