Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jeopardy Labs - Will this work for BYOD?

As teachers are beginning to have a variety of student devices in the classroom because of B.Y.O.D., we need to find tools that work on a multitude of devices.  This year, with our JoliOS netbooks, we have to change how we do some things because we don't have Microsoft Office on the netbooks.  In the past, we used Jeopardy games created in PowerPoint as review games.  Well, that won't work this year, so we had to find a new tool.

On one of my list servs or Twitter feeds, I found out about Jeopardy Labs.  This is a free website where you can create Jeopardy style games without PowerPoint.  This site was created by Matt Johnson, an undergraduate at Washington State University in Vancouver.  While he willingly accepts donations, there is no charge for this service.  Thank you, Matt!  (BTW I will be sending a donation your way.  Keep the tools coming!)

Without any training, it is very easy to create a Jeopardy game.  My co-teacher created one for Latin roots review with no problems.  If you know a little HTML, you can easily add in some images or media to the questions. training needed.  What more can you ask for?

This works great on our netbooks because it is just a web link we need to give the kids and off they go.  What I need to know, however, as a potential BYOD classroom, is if it will work on other devices.  Will it work on Android OS devices, iOS devices, etc?  What is the best way to plan ahead without having all these devices to try it out on?

If I could get several different devices to test out our Latin roots game, I would really appreciate knowing if it worked on your device.   If you have an iPad, Android device or other OS/device, please try our Latin roots game and let me know if it worked or not.  I will then update the Google Spreadsheet to show which devices it works for.

In an attempt to start gathering tools that work across most devices, I started a Google Form to collect this information.  If you have tools that work across most devices, please add them to the collection.  The final spreadsheet will grow over time.  If you see something on the spreadsheet that you think is wrong, please email me to fix it.  I am hoping that we can all work together, with our vast experience with devices, and help teachers select the most universal tools for BYOD classrooms.