Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Delicious Stacks!

Delicious has a new feature called Stacks.  The idea is to bundle between 3 and 20 of your links together to share with others.  I decided to give it a try.  If it worked, it might be a great way to easily save and build a list of links for students to use.

First, I watched the two-minute Delicious video tutorial to see how it works.  It appeared to be pretty easy, so I built a stack on PBL, problem based learning, which is one of my passions.  As I started to build my PBL stack, I could not get it to work.  In the video, it looked so easy.

I filtered my links by the tag PBL and I checked the box to select them all.  Next to the "select all" checkbox was a droplist.  I clicked on it and picked "Create Stack" an error message.  After several tries at it, I figured out that I was getting an error message because I had more than 20 links checked to include in the stack.  You can only have 20.  I went back to my list and selected some of the best links to include in the stack.  Once I did that, it worked quite easily.  Although the video did not match the screens exactly, I was able to figure it out.

Since I made all the links public, I assume you can click on my link to my stack and get to all the links.  I like that the links have pictures associated with some of them.  I am not sure why some have photos and others don't.  If you know, please post in the comments below.  Please also let me know if you could access the links in my staff even if you are not logged into Delicious.  If so, this is a great possibility for my students.