Monday, September 23, 2013

Connected Educator Month

October 2013 is deemed as Connected Educator Month.  Over the past several years, I have built my personal learning network using Diigo for bookmarking, Twitter for quick reads, Blogger to build this blog, and LinkedIn to connect with other professionals.  It is through a combination of all of these that I am able to keep up on the latest trends in education.

As in most districts, ours is struggling with tight budgets.  Gone are the days when we are able to attend conferences.  I still need to learn about new technologies and how to best use them to impact student learning.

I am always interested in ways to more efficiently share information that I find.  Once example is this blog post about how to connect your Diigo account with your Twitter account and your Blogger account.  This allows you to easily share finds which you post on Diigo.  You can also send it out in a Tweet or post your description to your blog.  I plan on giving these a try .

How do you use personal learning networks to share with others?

For ideas on getting started with personal learning networks, check out the Connected Educator Month .