Thursday, January 3, 2013

How Much is Technology Woven Into the Fabric of Learning in Your Classroom?

The Technology Integration Matrix, produced by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, is a great tool for schools to use to see how deeply technology is woven into the fabric of learning in their school.  The matrix shows how teachers can use technology to improve student learning.  What I really like about the matrix is the range of use across the levels of technology integration.  Regardless of a teacher's knowledge or comfort level with technology, there are ideas for technology use at all the stages.  The earliest stage is Entry, followed by Adoption, Adaptation, Infusion and Transformation.  The other axis of the matrix is related to the characteristics of the learning environment. These learning attributes include Active, Collaborative, Constructive, Authentic, and Goal Directed.  If you click on the arrow on the name of the stage or learning attribute, it brings up a new webpage with more information.  Near the bottom of each new page, are videos that show that level and attribute in action!  As a teacher, this is extremely helpful for me to see a lesson at that level and attribute in action.  Give it a try!  I am sure you will find new ideas for technology use in your classroom.