Thursday, September 29, 2011

Joli Cloud: A New Way of Thinking

In my co-teaching classroom, we were provided with 7 netbooks this school year.  These netbooks, in an attempt to reduce the price, are loaded with Joli OS.  I guess the tech department really wanted to run them with Chrome OS but had issues with printing.  Anyway, this is what we are using this year and I have a lot to learn.  Since I like to know about the technology I am using with students, I decided to learn more about this Joli OS.

I found a video tour about the OS which provides an overview.  I really like the concept of having my own Joli Cloud.  What this means is that I can have my own apps organized "in the cloud".  It is very easy to add apps, like Facebook and Google Docs, to my Joli Cloud.  I can link in my Dropbox account as well.  No matter which computer I use, I can log into my Joli Cloud and have access to all my apps.

Joli Cloud desktop
At school, we are using a shared account which means changes made on one computer are replicated across the rest of the netbooks. So far, they have all of us in the district using the same Joli Cloud account.  I think we are going to want to have our own account because the desktop is already getting messy with all the different apps the teachers are adding to the account.

Is anyone else out there using Joli Cloud in the classroom?  Why kind of apps are you using?  Please share any tips and tricks for using this new setup.